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Hebei University and Chang’an Automobile Held the Signing Ceremony of “New Energy Automobile Technical Research Center”

turnover time:2019-11-02

On the morning of March 21, the signing ceremony of “New Energy Automobile Technical Research Center” of Hebei University-Chang’an Automobile was held in the new campus of Hebei university. This research center is the first university-local joint scientific research cooperation project carried out after the strategic cooperation agreement signed by our university and Chang’an automobile in September 2018. The total investment for the first phase of the project is 19.95 million yuan.

    It closely focuses on the research and development about the key technology of new energy automobile to integrate efficiently advantageous technology and jointly tackle key problems through “industry-college-institute cooperation”. Hebei university will play better its scientific research advantages in new energy automobile technology through the construction of “New Energy Automobile Technical Research Center”, and integrate the advantageous resources of Chang’an automobile to form the collaborative innovation effect of strong combination and comprehensive complementarity. It will also greatly improve the development level of instrument science and technology subject and automobile engineering subject in our university, which will effective support the key technology research field of new energy automobile in China.

Li Jinshan, the vice president of Hebei university, and Feng Tielin, the vice general manager of Chang’an automobile signed an agreement on the construction of the research center on behalf of the two sides, and unveiled the “New Energy Automobile Technical Research Center”. Pang Yanrong, the vice dean of school of quality and technology supervision of Hebei university and Jiao Shubin, the deputy director of Chang’an Automobile R&D center unveiled the “social practice base of automobile manufacturing quality education” in Hebei province. At the same time, representatives of the two sides signed four horizontal project contracts, including “modeling and simulation of dynamic and economic performance of electric automobile”. Dean Fang Lide of school of quality and technology supervision presided over the signing ceremony.

On behalf of this school, secretary Song Hongqiang of school of quality and technology supervision of Hebei university presented the adjunct professor appointment certificate to deputy general manager Feng Tielin. Feng Tielin made an academic report entitled “the development status and prospect of new energy automobile” to the teachers and students of the school, judged the development trend of new energy automobile in China, and interacted with teachers and students on the prospect and development of the industry, as well as the personal feelings and suggestions of his experience in university.

The leaders of science and technology department, technology transfer center, and some teachers and students in school of quality and technology supervision attended the signing ceremony.