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School of Quality and Technology Supervision, Hebei University Educating with standard and quality; promoting business with measurement About Us

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As a key comprehensive university, Hebei University (HBU) is co-constructed by Ministry of Education, the People's Government of Hebei Province and State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of PRC.

The school of quality and technology supervision of Hebei university is an influential school with the characteristics of quality and technology supervision industry, which was founded in 1984. After many years of accumulation about school-running, it has formed a talent training system with the core of measurement, inspection and testing, standards, certification and recognition, with 1 Doctor's degree authorization center (instrument science and technology), 3 master's degree authorization centers (instrument science and technology, instrument and meter engineering, control engineering) and 4 undergraduate majors (measurement and control technology and instrument, mechanical design manufacture and automation, quality control engineering, safety engineering), of which, the measurement and control technology and instrument to be included in the national outstanding engineers training plan.

The school has established “national and local joint engineering laboratory for new energy photoelectric devices”, "national photovoltaic technology virtual simulation experiment teaching center", “collaborative innovation center of Hebei province", “modern testing technology and quality engineering experiment teaching demonstration center of Hebei province". It has 52 professional laboratories and 1 engineering training center. There are 31 off-campus practice bases and cooperative units, including Chang’an automobile, Great Wall motors and other large enterprises and such public institutions and research institutes as National Metrology Institute, Institute of Metrology of Hebei Province, etc. The needs of teachers’ research and students’ practice are guaranteed by combining of both inside and outside school practice platforms.

It also has eight research institutions of “low carbon research institute of Hebei university”, “industrial metrology institute of Hebei university", “institute of geographical indication of Hebei university” and “institute of non-destructive testing of Hebei university”, as well as two provincial engineering laboratories of "measuring instruments and systems engineering laboratory of Hebei province” and “automobile radiator engineering laboratory of Hebei province”.

There are 90 faculty members, including 70 full-time teachers.

Postgraduate Education

The instrument science and technology of Hebei university was founded in 2001. It had the right to confer second-level master's degree in 2006, and to be authorized to confer first-level master's degree and engineering master's degree in 2010 and the first-level doctoral degrees in 2017.

It is one of the most characteristic disciplines in the field of instrument science in China, which is oriented to the cultivation of high-end talents in the field of quality inspection. It focuses on the requirements of NQI and disciplines connotation, with a focus on three research directions of testing metrology theory and application, nondestructive testing technology and instrument, food and drug metrology and testing and standardization, forming a harmonious development system of metrology, quality control and standard. It carries out cutting-edge technology research around modern metrological testing theory and sensor technology and carries out application research centering on the innovation of metrological instruments and inspection and testing methods with distinct industrial characteristics of quality inspection.

Undergraduate Education

1. Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments

The major of measurement and control technology and instruments began to recruit students in 2001 featured with distinct characteristics of quality and technical supervision industry and was selected into the “outstanding engineer” plan of the Ministry of Education in 2013. This major offers relevant professional courses for industrial measurement requirements, involving measurement and testing, process control, instrument and apparatus and other technical fields. There are 24 full-time teachers and 3 full-time experimental teachers, among them, 2 committee members, 5 professors, 9 associate professors, and 11 Doctors. In 2001, academician Zhang Zhonghua, an authoritative expert in metrology, was appointed to this discipline, and 16 experts in quality supervision industry were invited as adjunct teachers. This major has over 10 professional laboratories, such as length measurement, temperature measurement, electromagnetic measurement, pressure, flow measurement, sensor testing, etc. Cooperating with National Institute of Metrology, Institute of Metrology of Hebei Province and Metrology and Testing Institute of Baoding and so on, it has established many scientific research and practice bases.

2. Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation Major

The Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation major of Hebei University formerly was the Department of Automobile Engineering of Hebei University, which was founded in 1984. The major was changed to mechanical design manufacture and automation in 2001, mainly focusing on mechanical design, manufacturing, automobile design and testing, etc. There are 3 professors and 7 associate professors, including 9 Doctors, and all the other teachers have master's degrees. This major can effectively meet the needs of teachers’ scientific research and students’ practice for its laboratories such as mechanical foundation, automobile disassembly and testing, mechanical innovation, metalworking practice center and many teaching practice units such as Great Wall motor and Chang’an automobile in Baoding.

3. Quality Management Engineering Major

This major is a combination of quality management and quality inspection discipline. It began to recruit students in 2006 with its training goal of mastering the basic theory of quality control, the design method of the quality management system and training in the application of modern management principles and techniques in the field of quality, with the ability to conduct on-line inspection, quality inspection, quality control, quality supervision, quality consultation, quality certification, quality audit and quality analysis of quality management in the production process. At present, there are 4 professors and 6 associate professors, including 7 Doctors. Now, this major has a batch of world-class experimental equipments for quality management inspection and food safety testing, as well as several teaching and practice units such as Hebei Academy of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quality Inspection Institute of Baoding, which meet the needs of teaching and scientific research.

4. Safety Engineering Major

It was founded in 2004. As a major with distinct professional characteristics of quality and technology supervision, the safety engineering major is a comprehensive discipline involving safety evaluation, pressure special equipment (boiler, pressure vessel, pressure pipeline and gas cylinder), electromechanical special equipment (elevator, hoisting machinery, explosion-proof electric appliance, amusement machine and air passenger ropeway), material science, nondestructive testing technology and failure analysis, etc.. This major now has 3 professors and 8 associate professors, including 4 Doctors. It has established nondestructive testing laboratories, welding performance testing laboratories and special equipment safety performance testing laboratories for special equipment testing, with advanced German acoustic emission instrument, ultrasonic testing instrument and other large instruments, and has built several off-campus practice bases such as China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute.

Unique School-running Highlights

School-running characteristic: results-oriented, centering on the needs of the quality supervision industry to serve the national quality infrastructure.

School-running mission: educating with standard, founding school with quality and promoting business with measurement.

Undergraduate teaching guiding ideology: focusing on the needs of regional economic construction and social development, carrying out engineering education in line with international standards and training composite engineering and technical talents combined with engineering and management.